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Every Wednesday class will meet in the Computer Lab, Room 743.

Jan. 24        Introduction to the Course 

                   Computer Lab Introduction

                   The Bedford Guide for College Writers: The Writing Process, pp. 3-10.

Jan. 31        Part I: A Writer's Resource—Chapter 1, Writing from Recall,  

                   pp.14-32; Chapter 15, Strategies for Generating Ideas, pp. 360-72.

                   Essay 1: Select one of the topics from p. 23 and write an essay of


Feb. 7         Part II: Thinking Critically—Critical Strategies for Reading and

                   Writing, pp. 91-108;  read "Why We Crave Horror Movies," pp. 

                    593-595 and "Abducted! Encounters with Aliens," pp. 596-601 and

                    list the evidence cited for each author's thesis.

      Homework:  Select a news article from a current newspaper and 

       identify the evidence cited and label it by type.

       Essay 2: Select a piece of persuasive writing from a newspaper and

       analyze its logical and emotional appeals.

Feb. 23        Chapter 5, Reading Critically, pp. 109-133; Chapter 16

                    Strategies for Planning:  Stating and Using a Thesis, pp. 375-91;

                    necessary elements of summary writing.

                    Homework:  Write a summary of an assigned essay.

                     Essay 3: Write a summary of and a critical response to an assigned

                     essay, using the questions on pp. 121 and 122 as a guide.

Feb. 28         Troyka  Handbook: Chapters 13, 14, and 17: Sentence structure

                     (fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences and subordination

       and coordination of ideas).

       Homework:  Assigned exercises

March 8        Chapter 6, Analyzing, pp. 135-158

       Essay 4: Analysis of two magazine ads, citing evidence to support the


March 15       Research: A Writer's Research Manual, chapters 27 (pp. 665-716), 28

                      (pp. 717-731, and 30 (pp. 795-810): How to research, where to

                      research, and how to document research.

March 31       Chapter 7: Comparing and Contrasting, pp. 159-182

        Essay 4: Comparison and contrast essay: The US family, 1960-2000 

April 10          Chapter 8: Explaining Cause and Effect, pp. 183-201     

       Essay 5: Research major causes of homelessness, supporting your

       claims with researched evidence

April 24        Chapter 9: Taking a Stand, pp. 202-223

      Essay 6: Research an area of censorship controversy and take a stand

      on it,emphasizing specific examples and evidence.

May 1           Chapter 11, Evaluating, pp. 245-265

May 10         Film: All My Sons by Arthur Miller

                   Essay 7, the Final Exam: Evaluating the conflicting points of view in

                    this play.