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 Grading Policy



Grades:  Grades given in English 1 will be based primarily (80%) on the required themes.  Each of the first five essays will count for 10% of your final grade (50% total); the next two essays will count 15% each (30% total); homework will count for 10% of the total, and attendance and participation will count for 10% of the total.  Completion of these themes on the assigned dates is essential for a passing grade in English 1.  Please be aware of essays as they are assigned; you are responsible for knowing when an essay is due and for turning it in. 

I will bring to class the graded homework papers and essays only once.  You are responsible for coming to my office to get any work returned on a day that you are not in class.  Please be sure to pick up graded essays for the rewrite.

Please keep all of your graded essays until AFTER you have received your semester grade.  Then if there is an error in your grade, you will have the necessary documentation to have it corrected.

All essays are due on the day assigned.  For each class period that they are late (up to two class periods), they will lose one full grade.  After two class periods, they cannot be turned in at all and a grade of F will be given for the assignment.

Attendance is required of all students enrolled in this course.  Absences in excess of twice the credit hours given for English l (six) will be sufficient cause for lowering a student's grade. 

If for any reason a student decides that s/he cannot complete English 1 with a passing grade, it the student's responsibility to drop this course before the last date to drop with a grade of "W."